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Why Everyone Should Travel Abroad

travel abroad

Many People Ask Why Travel Abroad? “Why don’t you just stay put and travel around the USA?” “Why travel abroad?” The USA is a huge and beautiful country, after all, right? Well, at the moment we are doing just that. We are taking a year to breathe and work on …

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My Favirate Blogs for Living Abroad

Here is a list of my favorite blogs that address the topic of living abroad: As you can imagine, writing a blog about living abroad requires a lot of time and research. I get inspiration and encouragement by reading other blogs on the topic of living\moving\retiring abroad.  I especially enjoy …

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Trip Report – Costa Rica

Costa Rica trip

Woke up at 3AM after only a couple of hours of sleep, packed and ready and extremely excited: We’re going to Costa Rica! This is a momentous event for us.  Not only is it a first trip to Costa Rica for both of us but it’s our first trip on …

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How to Select a Country to Move or Retire Abroad?

We dream of retiring in warm paradise.  Sunny beaches, lush forests, high mountains – it all sounds good.  But the very first step in moving or retiring abroad is to select a country to relocate to.  This may sound easy, but it is not.  There are many things to consider …

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Why Do We Want to Escape Abroad?

beautiful house

Everyone has their own reasons why they dream of living abroad.  Some are driven by climate. Others by culture, finances, or the promise of a better life. Still others are driven by concerns over their current lives or home countries. For us, it turns out, it’s a bit of all of …

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