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Cost of Living in Costa Rica

cost of living in Costa Rica

What is the overall cost of living in Costa Rica? You have heard (or read) me talk about costs in Costa Rica. I’ve talked about shopping in Costa Rica, healthcare in Costa Rica, and even did a comparison of cost of living between Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, and Panama’s major …

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Retirement Country Scoring System


How to create a scoring system to rank retirement countries A Perfect 5! We’ve been collecting tons of data on the countries we’re considering.  It occurred to me that perhaps we need to come up with a way to organize that data and classify it in an objective way to help us select …

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Cost of Living – Mexico

Cost of Living Mexico

So, what is the cost of living in Mexico?  That seems to be the “million-dollar” question on our minds and I don’t think we’re alone.  Many of us considering early retirement abroad (especially to Latin America) are hoping to stretch our dollars by moving somewhere with a lower cost of …

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Is Retiring Abroad for you? – Quiz

Retiring Abroad

Retiring Abroad? When I think of it, I envision a slower pace of life, beautiful beaches, hammocks, good books, amazing sunsets, and tasty drinks in my hand.  Well, that sounds wonderful but I’ve been reading a ton of posts from other expats and I’m starting to wonder if retiring abroad …

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It’s a Whole New (expat) World Out There

Economist New Expat World

A couple of days ago The Economist posted an interesting article about the expat migration to Latin America titled “The new New World”: In a gist, the article points out that in the last few years, Latin America is experiencing a surge of migration from US, Canada, and Europe. Why? …

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