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Is Puerto Rico Health Care On Life Support?

Puerto Rico Health Care

No matter which news station you tune into, you will likely hear something scary about Puerto Rico. The fiscal and debt situation on the island have been front and center, followed closely by the Zika crisis reports. However, problems with Puerto Rico health care are not far behind. Some might even …

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Cell Service in Puerto Rico 

Cell Service in Puerto Rico\ Cell Phones in Panama

Cell Service in Puerto Rico, coverage and carriers: I don’t know about you, but when I travel, cell service is always one of the first things I ask about. I mean international travel is challenging enough as it is, so staying in touch with friends and family or simply being able …

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Moving Back To The Beach

moving back to the beach

It’s Official We Are Moving Back To The Beach We tried beach living for 4 months. We tried mountain, “country” living for 4 months. And, now we are moving back to the beach! Your first logical question may be … WHY? The answer is simple but two-fold: infrastructure and ….umm… …

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