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We Are Officially Adding Puerto Rico to Our List

Puerto Rico is now on our places to live abroad list: We have been kicking around the idea of adding Puerto Rico to our list of possible living abroad destinations for a while now. I mean it makes sense, doesn’t it?  It is a U.S. territory after all. But we’ve …

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Virtual Phone Number for Living Abroad

virtual phone number abroad

What the heck is a virtual phone number? A virtual phone number is a phone number that is assigned to you but is not actually tied to a defined phone or device. What we’re talking about here specifically is an assigned phone number that uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). …

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Help me! I’m Drowning in Paper

Paper is my enemy number one! I’m not kidding. I hate paper. I know that different people have different pet peeves, for some it’s wires, for others it’s clutter (Tim), but for me, it has always been paper. I hate it and somehow I always manage to feel overwhelmed by …

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