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Retire in Playa Del Carmen

retire in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

When Joanna and I are looking at early retirement destinations, we prefer remote, off-the-beaten-path places. We’re focusing on the inexpensive, quiet life but with good technology infrastructure. However, that doesn’t mean that you are going to want the same in your moving abroad dreams. One of the awesome things about early retirement …

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How to Get Around in Mexico

get around in Mexico

Ways to Get Around in Mexico: Whether you are thinking about moving there, spending some time there, or you’re just taking a short vacation in Mexico, you will probably need to know how to get around. Good news is that you have lots of options at different price points. Let …

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Is retiring in Mexico safe?

Is Retiring In Mexico Safe

This is an important question for us to answer as we are contemplating some cities in Mexico as a retirement destination. We’ve been traveling to Mexico for many years and are always amazed at the reaction we get when we tell folks where we’re going, especially if we’re discussing our …

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Cost of Living – Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica Comparison

cost of living in Costa Rica

A Quick Comparison of Cost of Living I’ve been doing some searches on Numbeo again – yes, I love data!  If you’re not familiar with the Numbeo concept check out my post that explains how it works.  I’ve compared the four countries we’re considering: Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, and Ecuador. …

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Cost of Living – Mexico

Cost of Living Mexico

So, what is the cost of living in Mexico?  That seems to be the “million-dollar” question on our minds and I don’t think we’re alone.  Many of us considering early retirement abroad (especially to Latin America) are hoping to stretch our dollars by moving somewhere with a lower cost of …

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The Basics About Mexico

Mexico is another country that we are considering as our abroad home destination.  I’ve traveled to Mexico many times but only as a tourist.  So, in my upcoming posts, I will shift my prospective from “visit to live” in Mexico. My goal is to evaluate Mexico in the same way …

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