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Why Everyone Should Travel Abroad

travel abroad

Many People Ask Why Travel Abroad? “Why don’t you just stay put and travel around the USA?” “Why travel abroad?” The USA is a huge and beautiful country, after all, right? Well, at the moment we are doing just that. We are taking a year to breathe and work on …

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How A VPN Saves Money On Travel

Money - budget for living abroad

VPN Saves Money When Booking Travel Abroad In a recent post we talked about why you should get a VPN for living abroad, see post Why You Should Get A VPN or A Proxy, but did you also know that a VPN saves money on travel too? There are already many …

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Cost of Living in Costa Rica

cost of living in Costa Rica

What is the overall cost of living in Costa Rica? You have heard (or read) me talk about costs in Costa Rica. I’ve talked about shopping in Costa Rica, healthcare in Costa Rica, and even did a comparison of cost of living between Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, and Panama’s major …

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Interview with an EX-expat

BIO: Arden Rembert Brink is the author of Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving to Costa Rica and is currently working on two other books.  She has been writing for business during her various careers over the past 30+ years in advertising, marketing, sail training, non-profit management, and consulting.  Arden is …

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Is Retiring Abroad for you? – Quiz

Retiring Abroad

Retiring Abroad? When I think of it, I envision a slower pace of life, beautiful beaches, hammocks, good books, amazing sunsets, and tasty drinks in my hand.  Well, that sounds wonderful but I’ve been reading a ton of posts from other expats and I’m starting to wonder if retiring abroad …

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