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We Are Selling Our House!

That’s right!  We’re Selling Our House! We just put our house on the market as the first big step in realizing our dream of moving abroad.  We agreed that keeping it makes no sense in light of our plan. Obviously, we do have some concerns about selling now – who …

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Budget for Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica travel budget

We are going to Costa Rica!  We are so very excited. This trip was planned before we embarked on the journey of moving abroad. In fact, it was planned as a simple vacation but we will now take the opportunity to consider it as a possible retirements/relocation destination. And why …

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Why Do We Want to Escape Abroad?

beautiful house

Everyone has their own reasons why they dream of living abroad.  Some are driven by climate. Others by culture, finances, or the promise of a better life. Still others are driven by concerns over their current lives or home countries. For us, it turns out, it’s a bit of all of …

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mY Perfect Day

I credit my friend Sheri for kicking this plan into action.  She’s a mom to a couple young ones and she has just re-entered the workforce.  A few weeks ago, she sent me an email describing what her perfect day would look like.  I was so inspired that I wrote …

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