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Safety in Costa Rica

“Is it safe?” This is the number one thing that folks ask me when I tell them that we vacation in Latin America: safety.  It’s because we live in the mid-western US and a many people around here have heard stories about the drug lords, kidnappings and police corruption. So, …

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Trip Report – Costa Rica

Costa Rica trip

Woke up at 3AM after only a couple of hours of sleep, packed and ready and extremely excited: We’re going to Costa Rica! This is a momentous event for us.  Not only is it a first trip to Costa Rica for both of us but it’s our first trip on …

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Costa Rica Information

costa rica

Thinking of moving to Costa Rica? So are we! Here are some basic country demographics we’ve found during our initial research into Costa Rica. We hope that they will help familiarize you with the country. Costa Rica is a peaceful, central American country – often referred to as the Switzerland …

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How to Select a Country to Move or Retire Abroad?

We dream of retiring in warm paradise.  Sunny beaches, lush forests, high mountains – it all sounds good.  But the very first step in moving or retiring abroad is to select a country to relocate to.  This may sound easy, but it is not.  There are many things to consider …

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