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The Plan Is Born

If you’re like us and you do not have the risk tolerance to simply sell everything you own, quit your job, and move abroad or you feel that you have too much tying you down (good paying job, bills to pay, family to support, dogs to feed…) to make the …

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tHe Dream Begins

Tell me if you can relate to this: ‘Every time I go on vacation, I dream of staying there. I do not want to come back. I love traveling to the Caribbean and I love the ocean. And each time I visit, I dream of living there. For about a …

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eVer Dream of Living Abroad?

You are not alone.  I too have been dreaming of living abroad: someplace warm and beautiful. Up until about a month ago though it was only dreams.  Oh, I’d talk about it, fantasize about it, even do some research but it was never any more than that. All musings, no …

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