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Costa Rican Coffee Anyone?

Costa Rican coffee

Waking up in the morning and searching for my first cup of coffee has been become more than a ritual or a habit, it is a necessity. No. Really. – not kidding. So, this is a very important topic for me.  I LOVE COFFEE!  And I will be the first …

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Cell Service in Costa Rica

Will my cell phone work in Costa Rica? Before our recent trip to Costa Rica (the first of many in search of the perfect retirement destination, I’m sure)  we worried about the big cost of calling home using our existing AT&T cell plan.  We read on various forums that getting a pre-paid …

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Actual Costs of Trip to Costa Rica

As I said in my Trip Report, we were really surprised just how expensive Costa Rica was.  I previously posted our estimated trip costs and now I can fill in the actuals. Let me just say that we are normally budget travelers, and have been to other countries for literately …

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Manuel Antonio National Park

Manual Antonio national park

Did I mention that Costa Rica is beautiful?  I think I did, once or twice.. During our trip we explored one of Costa Rica’s most popular national parks – Manuel Antonio National Park.  It did not disappoint.  In fact, it was one of the highlights of our trip.  Yes it is …

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