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Renting Apartments In Puerto Rico – Continued Part 2b

Apartments In Puerto Rico

Hi y’all! It is time for the second part of my series on renting apartments in Puerto Rico. When I began writing about real estate on the island, I didn’t realize just how much we’ve learned while living there. So, I had to break this up into multiple parts. Hence, …

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Sabino Canyon Tucson Arizona Is Worth Exploring

Sabino Canyon Visit

Visiting Sabino Canyon In Coronado Forest Arizona Just a few months ago, we were having breakfast with some friends and acquaintances at a local bar in Puerto Rico. As I mentioned that we were planning a trip to Arizona (this was before we decided to move here) and the Sabino Canyon, …

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Tucson Gem Show – Exploring The American Southwest

Tucson Gem Show

Tucson hosts the mother of all gem shows and, if you’re in town, it’s not to be missed! Every type of polished or rough rock, mineral, gem, and fossil specimen can be found here. And, every type of shiny faceted jewel, in every type of imaginable setting, is being peddled all …

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