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The Truth About Puerto Rico Taxes

Puerto Rico taxes

Have you heard these statements about Puerto Rico taxes and benefits? You don’t have to pay federal taxes when living in Puerto Rico. Act 20/22 gives businesses excellent tax breaks if moving to (or starting in) Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the next tax haven for Americans. So, have we! …

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Health Insurance Costs In Puerto Rico vs USA vs Spain

health insurance costs in puerto rico

It seems that my last post about comparing cost-of-living in Puerto Rico to USA and Spain, sparked quite a bit of discussion. Even argument. WOW! As a result, I’ve been bombarded with questions on details. Many of you wanted to know more about health insurance costs, options, and overall taxes, …

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First Look At Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona

I have regularly visited Arizona for the past 10 years. My son came out here for a summer and stayed – since then I’ve been visiting at least once a year. Well, technically, it’s been two years now, since I visited or we relocated to Puerto Rico. But in prior …

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