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Huzzah! Enjoying The Arizona Renaissance Festival

Arizona Renaissance Festival

Heh?! What in the world is a Renaissance Festival? Picture this: Knights battle for the Queen’s favor in Renaissance-era jousting tournament. Vendors hawk their wares. Glassblowers make custom mead goblets, while the crowd watches. The children are enjoying activities and rides. And the entertainers make the crowds laugh, cry, or …

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Easiest Car Buying Experience We’ve Ever Had

Easiest Car Buying Ever

Choose A Car Online. Pick It Up. Test Drive For 3 Days. Buy Via FedEX. Really? This may be a weird question, but what was the easiest car buying experience you ever had? We’ve bought lots of cars in our lifetimes; both new and old. But I have to tell you, …

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Renting Apartments In Puerto Rico – Continued Part 2b

Apartments In Puerto Rico

Hi y’all! It is time for the second part of my series on renting apartments in Puerto Rico. When I began writing about real estate on the island, I didn’t realize just how much we’ve learned while living there. So, I had to break this up into multiple parts. Hence, …

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