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The Government of Puerto Rico

What’s government of Puerto Rico like? As I’m sure you already know Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. But you may be wondering: what exactly does that mean? Simply put, this means that Puerto Rico is an organized division of U.S.A. that has not yet been admitted to the full …

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Why Move Abroad Instead of Florida?

why moved abroad instead of Florida

Why Move Abroad Instead of Florida? – that is the question. I find myself on a beautiful beach, in the hot sun, sitting under an umbrella and enjoying an adult beverage, all while reading a novel. When I get too hot, I take a quick dip in the ocean, then …

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Spanglish: The Language of Puerto Rico

Spanish or Spanglish - the language of Puerto Rico

What the heck is “Spanglish”? Tim and I were walking down the sidewalk looking for a quick, inexpensive place to eat. We really wanted breakfast that wasn’t going to cost $30.00 (again). We heard that a local shopping plaza had just the place – local, cheap, and tasty. All of …

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