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Stray Dogs and Cats in Puerto Rico – A Problem Ignored

Stray Dogs and Cats in Puerto Rico

Today I’m be writing about the heart-wrenching number of stray dogs and cats in Puerto Rico. I’ll tell you upfront; this article is probably going to make you sad. However, too many people seem to pretend that this problem doesn’t exist, and as is often the outcome, denial just keeps perpetuating …

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7 World Destinations That’ll Surprise You

Mozambique culture

I Bet These World Destinations Will Surprise You – as they did me! It’s no secret that we have been bitten by the travel bug. We love to travel. For me it’s a hobby, or perhaps even an obsession. Planning the trips and doing the research is half of the fun; …

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Why I Love Rainy Days In Puerto Rico

Rainy Days In Puerto Rico

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rainy days in Puerto Rico! What?! Yep. It’s true. Snow and ice and cold rain were my banes in Michigan and I couldn’t wait to get away from them. In fact, on the way to Puerto Rico, we were running from an ice storm while we …

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