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How VPN Service Saved Us Time And Money


Virtual Private Network (VPN) – sounds techy, doesn’t it? And it is. I could tell you all about how they work and why it’s smart to have one (if you need that info, see my earlier post on VPNs and Proxies). But, today, I’m going to take off my geek …

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Cell Service in Puerto Rico 

Cell Service in Puerto Rico\ Cell Phones in Panama

Cell Service in Puerto Rico, coverage and carriers: I don’t know about you, but when I travel, cell service is always one of the first things I ask about. I mean international travel is challenging enough as it is, so staying in touch with friends and family or simply being able …

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Creating a Virtual Office Abroad – Working from the Beach

Set up a Virtual Office: Want to work from a beach abroad? OK, I admit it, Tim and I are both nerds – which is a nice way of saying we are both computer geeks. And it’s no secret that we plan on working online after our early “retirement” abroad. We …

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Infrastructure in Puerto Rico

Infrastructure In Puerto Rico

During our travels to find the perfect spot for retirement, I’ve paid special attention to the infrastructure. When I say infrastructure, I mean things like power, water, transportation, roads, etc. Our trip to Puerto Rico was no different, I paid close attention the quality of all of the above. This is because I want …

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