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What’s Up With Mexico’s Water?

Mexico's water

Is Mexico’s water safe to drink? Updated: April 2017 I’m sure that if you are considering moving to Mexico, or even just visiting, you have by now heard that Mexico has some water problems. You probably read that it is only safe to drink bottled water and have been advised to …

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Retire in Playa Del Carmen

retire in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

When Joanna and I are looking at early retirement destinations, we prefer remote, off-the-beaten-path places. We’re focusing on the inexpensive, quiet life but with good technology infrastructure. However, that doesn’t mean that you are going to want the same in your moving abroad dreams. One of the awesome things about early retirement …

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How to Get Around in Mexico

get around in Mexico

Ways to Get Around in Mexico: Whether you are thinking about moving there, spending some time there, or you’re just taking a short vacation in Mexico, you will probably need to know how to get around. Good news is that you have lots of options at different price points. Let …

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Traveling to Mexico on IBS Diet

Mexican Food and IBS

My Experience with visiting Mexico on IBS Diet   As I said in a previous post, this is an important topic for me. I have IBS. I am lactose and fructose intolerant (thank goodness there are tests for that now) and I also have to watch the amount of spices …

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Authentic Mexican Chicken Lime Soup (Sopa de Lima)

Mexican Lime Soup

Mexican Chicken Lime Soup Recipe:   I got this recipe from a Mexican friend because when I visited, his wife made the best “Sopa de Lima” I’ve ever had. This recipe was slightly modified because she spit-roasted the chicken but it is very close to the original. I recently made …

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Mexican government facts and fiction

Mexican Government Facts and Fiction

Is Mexican government effective? I guess one can ask the same question about the USA government.  Well, is it? There is much media hoopla about the corruption of the Mexican government and its difficulty enforcing the rule of law. I can tell you from personal experience, that over the last …

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