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Featured posts of our adventures of traveling and living abroad. Do you dream of doing more travel? Do you want to create a location-independent life as we did it? Stick around, we will tell you how we did it and you can too!

Polish Food – Hmm Hmm Good!

Polish food - baked goods

What’s Polish Food? Golabki Pierogi Kopytka Zupy Come again? That’s a list of my favorite Polish dishes. Translated, that’s stuffed cabbage, filled dumplings, potato gnocchi-like dumplings, and, of course, soups. These are some of the most traditional Polish foods and they are hmm hmm good! Tim and I unanimously agree that Polish …

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9 Surprising Things About Spain

The flag of Spain

The People Of Spain Are Rude. Spaniards don’t like to work. Service sucks in Spain. Have you heard these before? Before coming to Spain, we heard them from multiple people. We also have read them in many online travel reviews. Needless to say, we had certain expectations and even a …

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