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real estate in puerto rico

Guide To Real Estate In Puerto Rico – Series Summary

Considering Moving To Puerto Rico?

Since Puerto Rico has been all over the news lately, it is natural that many of you are getting more familiar with the island. You may even be considering investing in Puerto Rico by purchasing real estate. Or, maybe, you are just thinking about moving there to see how you like it. This post has everything you need to know about real estate in Puerto Rico. We cover anything from the real estate laws to answering the question on whether it is better to buy or rent.

Below is a collection of different topics, related to real estate in Puerto Rico.  We covered these at Abroad Dreams, and now compiled them into a Guide To Real Estate In Puerto Rico for your convenience. Keep in mind that we continue to add new content on this topic all the time, so subscribe today to get our latest updates.

Real Estate In Puerto Rico

Real Estate Prices

How much does property cost in Puerto Rico? To buy or to rent?

Real Estate Prices in Puerto Rico

Is This a Good Time To Buy Property In Puerto Rico?

Some say yay, some say nay, we say…

Real Estate In Puerto Rico Part 1 – Is This A Good Time To Buy?

What You Need To Know About Renting Apartments In Puerto Rico

Where to rent ♥ How to find apartments ♥ And, what to look for

Renting Apartments In Puerto Rico – Real Estate PR Part 2A

More On Renting Apartments In Puerto Rico

What To Do and What Not to Do ♥ Common pitfalls of renting apartments in Puerto Rico ♥ Having realistic expectations ♥

Renting Apartments In Puerto Rico – Continued Part 2b

How Not To Get Screwed On Apartment Rentals

This is our own experience, what we’ve learned, and some practical tips for you.

Don’t Get Screwed On Puerto Rico Apartment Rentals – Part 3

Real Estate Laws In Puerto Rico

Here are some weird things about property ownership in Puerto Rico, that you MUST know:

Property Laws In Puerto Rico – Read This If You’re Thinking About Buying

If you’re serious about moving to Puerto Rico, or investing in a retirement property on the beach, consider reading our other posts on Puerto Rico.

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  1. Thanks, My Wife and I are in 100% to buying a permanent place here in Puerto Rico. We hope to start the process before end of next year. Probably Fajardo area.