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Tucson to Lake Havasu – First Leg Of The Road Trip

What do you think of when considering a road trip in the desert? Be honest. Boring, right? Just long stretches of ugly desert landscape, right?

I won’t lie to you, there is definitely a lot of that in the open desert. But then, there are the glimpses of the occasional little oasis in the middle of it all, like Lake Havasu on the Colorado River, that make it all worth it.

As we’re sitting here at Turtle Beach Bar in Lake Havasu City, enjoying an adult beverage, I am in awe of creation and the beauty of America’s landscapes.

Tim in Turtle Beach Bar Lake Havasu

Colorado River

We traveled for nearly five hours yesterday, through the boring desert, accented only by the distant mountain ranges in all directions. To be honest, though, it wasn’t any worse than traveling the flat, fields and plains of Ohio.

Desert landscape

But it all got interesting when we approached the Colorado River – which incidentally is the border between Arizona and California here.

Yep, that’s California on the far side and Arizona on our side.

We couldn’t resist going the extra half a mile, over the bridge in Parker, to snap a couple of pictures on the California side.


Apparently, Californians keep an eye on their free-range politicians.. [Tim’s joke: burrow=ass=politicians – yeah, I know…]

California Burros

Anyways, as the road turned north along the river, landscapes became really awesome. The road began to wind through the coolest (not temperature) mountain formations; all in a deep, dark brown – let’s call it chocolate – hues. Breathtaking!

Colorado River

Then, we began to get glimpses of the beautiful blue waters of the Colorado River surrounded by these chocolate mountains. Truly beautiful.

We wound through the hilly landscape with constant views of the river and marveled at the beauty of it all.


We made a couple of quick stops to snap some pictures and headed on up to Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu

Here we were not disappointed either! Gorgeous desert landscapes surrounded the pretty blue waters of Lake Havasu. I’d say it was totally worth the drive to see this!

Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu City, is something else too. It’s a boating, vacationing, little beach town, that sprawls along the Arizona’s side of the lake. Lots of fun things to do here.

Boating.  Jet skiing.  Dining.  Drinking.  Partying. If it involves vacations or water, it’s probably here.

jet ski

Both of us had to agree though, that after having lived on the ocean, it is a little weird to see land on the other side of the water. Just sayin..

Of course, let’s not forget the London Bridge! Yes, it’s THE London Bridge (some call it original, but no, there were a few others before it)! This one survived both WWI and WWII. It was disassembled and moved to the Arizona and then reassembled here on Lake Havasu. Bullet holes and all!

London Bridge on lake

Perhaps the main difference we noticed from the British landscape is that here in Arizona the bridge is surrounded by palm trees. 🙂

Oh, and yes, we did see the bullet holes!

London Bridge Arizona

And, did I mention that Lake Havasu has become somewhat famous for it’s collection of small replicas of lighthouses from around the US and Canada? Yes, indeed.



We checked out a few and they are so cute!

tim lighthouse

Why do boys have to climb everything?

London bridge at night

And so, we crossed the London Bridge and are happy to report that it is still standing. 😊

Oh, and the brew pubs here are pretty awesome here too. We spent a little too much time at this one:


But hey, the view was spectacular and the craft beers were really good.

brewery view

Tim and beer

Had to fight Tim to get one of those!

Joann and beer

Ahhhhhh.. Life is good!

Joanna and Tim

Tomorrow, after a couple of days here, and a few more adult beverages, we will hit the road again, on to Las Vegas!

Stay tuned for more, we’ll be checking in from Vegas next. To see more of our Southwest adventures, see our other posts.




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is a Polish American living in Arizona with her husband Tim. She is a founding partner of JTR Tech and she is proud to be a professional geek. She had dreamt of living abroad for many years. So, she and Tim created AbroadDreams.com to document the process of making their dream of moving abroad come true. They spent 2 years in Puerto Rico and several months in Spain and Poland. Now they are exploring the American Southwest.

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