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Easiest Car Buying Ever

Easiest Car Buying Experience We’ve Ever Had

Choose A Car Online. Pick It Up. Test Drive For 3 Days. Buy Via FedEX. Really?

This may be a weird question, but what was the easiest car buying experience you ever had? We’ve bought lots of cars in our lifetimes; both new and old. But I have to tell you, that the easiest car buying experience we’ve ever had was here in Arizona.

The trick?

Hertz Car Sales

But let me start from the beginning.

As you probably remember, when we moved to Puerto Rico two years ago, we shipped our car with us. We did this for multiple reasons, you can check it out in our posts on Shipping A Car To Puerto Rico. And, we never regretted it, but when we were faced with heading back to the mainland, a couple of months back, we decided to leave the car in PR.

So, naturally, we needed another set of wheels when we got to Arizona. This turned out to be the easiest car buying experience we’ve ever had. We literally just had to show up to pick it up and everything else was done remotely.

In preparation of the purchase, we did a ton of research – this is our MO 🙂 We bought an online subscription to Consumer Reports and narrowed down which cars we were interested in. Then we began searching local prices and came across Hertz Car Sales. Hmmm…..

I already know what some of you will say: I would never buy a car from a rental company!


Before you make that judgement, you may want to hear our story first…

Although there exists a perception that rental cars tend to get abused and mistreated, we learned that this is not the case. Here is why:

  • Rental companies charge steep penalties for any damage to their cars.
  • Hertz, and others, are required by law to keep the cars maintained and in good condition. This means oil changes and maintenance on time and as recommended by car manufacturers.
  • They rotate their cars out of circulation every couple of years. It is rare to find a car older than three years old in their rental pool.
  • The cars they sell, especially Hertz, all have car history included with them. So, you can find out about any accidents, damage, and service records.
  • Two words – factory warranty. Since many cars are coming with 60,000+ mile factory warranties today, and the cars are usually rotated out by the time they hit 40,000 miles, you get the balance. In our case, Hyundai will honor the remaining 30,000 miles of the 60,000-mile-bumper-to-bumper warranty.

After we learned all this, we found out that Hertz has a hub in Phoenix and therefore there are lots of new-ish (2 year old) cars available in the area. To sweeten the buy, they have No-Haggle pricing, and all their prices are below the market value.

How can they do this? Well, essentially, they eliminate the middleman by selling the cars themselves, so it makes it easy for us and easy for them.

Now, That’s Easy Car Buying. We were in!

Hertz Car Sale

OK, so once we decided to go this route, our car buying experience only got better and better.

Prior to leaving Puerto Rico, we decided we wanted to purchase a newer model Hyundai Elantra. Our decision was based on good reviews, low reported mechanical problems, and excellent gas mileage.  Upon arrival to Phoenix, we went on Hertz Sales Website and reserved the Elantra we wanted on their 3-day-test-drive program and we waited.

On the scheduled day, we received a call from Hertz notifying us that our Elantra is ready for pickup at a nearby Hertz location. We filled out one page of paperwork, got the keys, and off we went to Tucson. Then, we proceeded to drive the car for three days – we were very thorough. We also took the car to a Hyundai dealership to have it looked over – no problems. Of course, no problems, how many problems would you expect from a 2015 model car? We decided to keep the car.

We texted the gentleman who originally gave us the keys and told him we want to buy the vehicle but we’re in Tucson. He said: No problem, keep it and I’ll FedEx you the paperwork.

And so he did. The paperwork and the final price with taxes was here the next day. Since the price was already listed, there was no haggling or hassle. We wrote a check and sent it back with the paperwork.

Three weeks later we received our license plates and title in the mail with a return FedEx envelope for the existing plates on the car. And, the deal was done!

Really. It was that easy. Wouldn’t you say that’s the easiest car buying experience, ever? We thought so. Once we got the keys to the car, we never went back for anything. I loved this shopping experience!

What About The Car?

We love our little Elantra! No, it’s not a sports car 🙂 But it is sleek, compact, and peppy. It gets amazing mileage – almost as good as a hybrid – and we’ve very happy with our purchase.

Mechanically our car has zero problems. We ended up with a 2015 model with about 30,000 miles on the odometer. The body is “almost” perfect. It has a few minor scratches but nothing really visible, so for a used car, I think we did pretty well. And we needed a reliable set of wheels, because there are many road trips in our near future while we explore the American Southwest.



About Joanna

is a Polish American living in Arizona with her husband Tim. She is a founding partner of JTR Tech and she is proud to be a professional geek. She had dreamt of living abroad for many years. So, she and Tim created AbroadDreams.com to document the process of making their dream of moving abroad come true. They spent 2 years in Puerto Rico and several months in Spain and Poland. Now they are exploring the American Southwest.

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  1. You have a lot of buying advice. It is interesting to see the perspective and thanks for posting.

  2. Very cool way to buy a car, I hate buying through dealers where you waste an entire day or more. I might do this myself in a year or so.

    • My favorite part was the no-haggling. And, we got an amazing deal; I even checked CarMax that also has the no-haggling prices. But we found that CarMax was $1-2K more for the same type of car in this area.
      I would highly recommend this type of car buying.

  3. Really interesting! I would have been one of those saying “buy from a rental agency? I don’t think so!” so it’s intriguing to see that your research showed otherwise. I looked around at Hertz online and there are some interesting options (and they have cars right here in Salt Lake) so I would definitely consider that next time we’re car shopping.

    • Hi Arden,
      A a few years ago, I would have been reluctant too but this was a very smooth way to buy a car. They also offer their own financing for those that need it – easy-peasy 🙂