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How VPN Service Saved Us Time And Money

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – sounds techy, doesn’t it? And it is. I could tell you all about how they work and why it’s smart to have one (if you need that info, see my earlier post on VPNs and Proxies).

But, today, I’m going to take off my geek hat (for once) and tell you how a VPN service benefited us over the last couple of years. Not only were we able to benefit from the security that using a VPN provides but its use actually saved us tons of time and money.

Which VPN Service Do We Use and Why?

We have been using VyprVPN for over two years now. Here are the reasons we chose it and continue to stay with it:

  • World’s fastest VPN – Super fast servers. Our downloads are often faster and more reliable via VPN then they are through our PR cable service.
  • They own their servers and so the data you transmit, only goes through one provider – VyprVPN. This way, they have full control of your privacy and security and don’t have to share it with any other 3rd parties.
  • Huge server network – 70+ world-wide server locations on 6 continents and more than 700 servers. This means, that just about anywhere in the modern world you go, you can have access to one of their 200,000 connection IPs. This is very convenient from a customer prospective.
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV and even your router. This means you can use it on pretty much any of your devices: phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, TVs, etc.
  • Price – VyprVPN offers really good prices. In fact, if you’re a new customer, you can benefit from a 3-month Free Special they are running.


VyprVPN Saved Us Time

You may find this strange, we found that our VPN service saved us a ton of time in the following three ways:

  • Security and peace of mind

When we were out and about or when we were traveling, we no longer had to look for reasonably secure WiFi networks. We just used VyprVPN over any public internet to access our bank accounts, email accounts, and social media accounts securely.

This may seem like a small thing but think about how often you’re in a coffee shop on a public network and you remember you forgot to do something important online? Now think about doing those things abroad or when you’re traveling? It would take hours to find a secure enough WiFi hotspot. Yeah, now you can see how the VPN really comes in handy.

  • Watching and finding our favorite shows online

As unthinkable as it is, some major USA-owned companies still don’t realize that Puerto Rico is part of the USA.

In fact, CBS is a perfect example of this. If you’ve missed your favorite show, you may want to go watch it online, right? With CBS, you can’t do that from Puerto Rico. Why? Because their website thinks there’s no affiliate in PR because we’re outside of US. Really?! We watch CBS here all the time (the station is in San Juan). Go figure.

When traveling in Europe this was a nice feature for us too because we could watch all of our favorite TV with minimal effort. Now, compare that to endlessly searching online, for pirated copies – we get a huge time savings watching our favorite shows just by using a VPN.

  • Problems with local Internet providers

We have run into this both here in Puerto Rico and in Poland. Sometimes when your internet service stops working, it’s not the connection itself, instead it’s the internet configurations from the provider that get screwed up. Many times, we’d switch to VyprVPN and everything would work again. This was great in allowing us to continue to work, while the local cable company figured out whatever the problem was.

vpn stay connected

VyprVPN Saved Us Money

I’m not just saying that. We have saved money.

The biggest cost savings came through booking travel, see our post on How VPN Saves Money On Travel. Seriously, it is crazy how much companies mark up their prices, when they think you are booking from abroad. We saved hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on air travel, hotels, and car rentals just by using a VPN.

Another thing we noticed was that you can often save money when purchasing items online with a US VPN location because, in many countries, there are country-specific version of retailers that charge higher prices.

Amazon is a great example of this. When you’re in Spain, they detect your location and automatically route you to Amazon.es and their prices are considerably different than US prices – part of this is because the currency is different and you lose something in the conversions. Another reason is that EU countries charge very high Value Added Taxes.

So, that’s how we’ve been saving time and money with VyprVPN. Do yourself a favor and get a subscription to a good VPN service. I would highly recommend VyprVPN but there are others. Just be sure to do your research and check that whatever company you use, maintains their own servers and truly keeps your info private.



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