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Rainy Days In Puerto Rico

Why I Love Rainy Days In Puerto Rico

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rainy days in Puerto Rico!


Yep. It’s true. Snow and ice and cold rain were my banes in Michigan and I couldn’t wait to get away from them. In fact, on the way to Puerto Rico, we were running from an ice storm while we drove to Florida to drop off our car for shipping. UGH.

Most everyone that comes here, expects sunshine, blue skies, and blue ocean waves. And I would say, 80% of the time that is exactly what they get but I have to tell you, I love rainy days in Puerto Rico.


It’s simple – it provides a change. Don’t get me wrong, I like sunshine as much as the next person, but when you have it every day, you want something different once in a while. Rainy days provide us with that.

At the moment, we are sandwiched between hurricane Mathew and tropical storm Nicole. So, for the past two days, we’ve been getting buckets of rain and I love it!

The Smells

I love how it smells outside when it rains here in the tropics. The local plants give off this lovely scent of freshness (perhaps it’s just oxygen. LOL) and everything is so green and so lovely. It smells like “rebirth” and “awakening” to me.

rainy days

Cooler weather

The clouds give shade and so it feels considerably cooler outside, which is also a nice relief. We’ve had 86+ degree days here for the past month and at this point, cooler is better.

Lightening & Thunder

One of my favorite things is to watch lightening here. It is not common but when it happens, it is spectacular! Better than fireworks, truly. And the thunder is usually so loud that you feel it in your chest. When I don’t expect it, it literally makes me jump,

Critters Come Out To Play

The lizards come out and play. I love these little guys; they don’t seem to mind the rain either. The Coqui frogs sing in the rain, as well. If you don’t know what a Coqui is, check out this post, PUERTO RICO’S COQUÍ FROG – they are well loved here in Puerto Rico. Even the birds will frolic in the rain. It’s so fun to watch!

Getting Caught In The Rain

This is probably my favorite of all things about rainy days in Puerto Rico. When you are walking on the beach, and suddenly, out of nowhere, it starts pouring. We sometimes run to the nearest palm tree and stand there and watch the beach. The waves get bigger and foamier and the warm rain is wonderful. I actually don’t mind getting wet. Incredible for someone that used to run from all rain in Michigan.

So, when we are expecting visitors and they start freaking out because the weather forecast predicts rain, I laugh because I really don’t mind. I suppose, it’s different when you’re on vacation but when you live here, you really learn to appreciate the rainy days.

Oh and by the way, it is uncommon for us to have rain all day (despite what the forecasts say), usually a rainy forecast means that we will get “some” rain – perhaps an hour of the day – and the rest of the day is sunshine.

So, come play in the rain in Puerto Rico!



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