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Warsaw at Night

Warsaw At Night – Picture Tour

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a beautiful European city. With a population of 1.7 million, Warsaw is Poland’s largest city and its largest cultural hub. It is dynamic, modern, and cosmopolitan. As such, it boasts a vibrant nightlife and music scene.

On our visit, earlier this week, we stayed in the Old Town and were not disappointed, see my impression in post on my first impressions of Warsaw after 25 years.

It turns out that the city is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day – and it’s safe! We observed lots of women walking around in the evening on their own exploring, as well as couples and groups.

Old Town Warsaw at night
Castle Square

There, of course, are lots of people walking around the Old Town at night, either seeking food or drink; or perhaps, a concert – there were lots of those when we visited. But, it is really fun to walk the city at night. For one thing the temperatures are much cooler in the summer evenings but also because at night Warsaw takes on its own charm.

Here are some pictures from our night explorations of Warsaw’s Old Town and surrounding areas.

Warsaw Old Town At Night

Warsaw Cafes At Night
Lovely cafes and restaurants. It’s very nice to sit and enjoy a meal or a snack at night.


Warsaw Color Fountains
Park Fontann Color Fountains in Warsaw. I loved these!


Bars in Warsaw
Lots of cool little bars in Warsaw. Tim liked the name of this one 🙂

Love the lights of the city!


Warsaw church at night
The churches (of which there are many!) look almost ominous at night. How cool!


Tim in Warsaw at night
Tim with his injured arm in front of the color fountains.


Warsaw Old Town at night

Love the Old Town in Warsaw – even better after dusk! So, so cool to walk around and soak in the Polish charm.


City Gate At Night
Even the city gate looks cool at night.


Warsaw Church at Night
Every church is different and they all look amazing lit up.


Joanna in Warsaw at night
Of course, a night cap, is the thing to do as the sun sets. My personal favorite thing to do!


Hope you enjoyed our picture tour of Poland’s capital at night. Coming up more posts on Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, and even our experience in the ER in Poland. Yes, this has been a very busy trip and full of surprises!



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