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Burger King in Granada

Wait…. There’s Beer at Burger King in Granada?

A few days ago, we decided to locate the nearest Burger King in Granada. No, we weren’t homesick for a greasy fast-food burger. It’s because we sometimes visit American chains, when abroad, simply out of curiosity.

You see, when in a country, we like to “benchmark” the restaurants against others in the same chain back in the States. We do this because it is often a fun and familiar way to highlight some cultural differences for folks back home. And, remind them that not everything is the same in every country.

For Example: KFC in Puerto Rico gives you french fries and a cookie with pretty much every combo on the menu. This is in addition to the biscuit and other, normal, KFC sides (mac & cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, etc.).

Usually, we like to look at McDonald restaurants since it gives us a “reference point” that virtually 100% of Americans are familiar with. However, in Granada, the McDonald’s in the center of town went out of business a while ago.

So, how did Burger King make it while McDonald’s went out of business? Simple…. the BK in the center of Granada serves beer but the McDonald’s (at least that’s my theory) didn’t.

But, more on that in a bit….

Burger King in Granada: The Seating Area

Let’s talk about the restaurant itself. Unlike most BKs in the States, which seem to be designed more for durability and “hose-ability” for when drunken college kids stumble in and mess up the place.  The BK in Granada is actually pretty nice.

Wait.... There's Beer at Burger King in Granada?

There are white marble columns, marble tile floors, and decorative arches. Basically, if you took out the line dividers, soda machine, order counter, and threw some tablecloths over the tables, it could pass for a fairly high-end restaurant.

Burger King in Granada: The Food

The burgers in this BK are, by far, the absolute best fast food burgers I’ve ever had. I know that might sound a lot like “that was the best awful thing I ever tasted” but it’s not meant to.

The burger I got wasn’t just a good “fast food burger”. It was a good burger, period.

Wait.... There's Beer at Burger King in Granada-The Beef

The lettuce was crisp and freshly chopped as opposed to old and wilted. The tomato was ripe and flavorful. The onions looked like onions (not little flakes of translucent plastic) and the pickles actually tasted good.

We were told that in Spain, there’s a law that requires restaurants to use local beef unless it’s for specialty dishes (i.e. real Kobe beef from Japan should be from, you know, Japan). I don’t know if this results in better quality or not but, something is working really well here.

Beer in Burger King in Granada

Burger King in Granada: Oh Yeah… The Beer

Oh yeah, did I mention you can order beer off the menu? I think I did… Oh well, in case I didn’t, you can. However, there’s only a single choice.

Before you get disappointed, it turns out that the King actually has decent taste in beer. It’s a nice lager which happens to go pretty well with a Whopper.

It’s also fairly inexpensive at just 1,90€ (about $2.10 USD) which is cheaper than the “cheap” beer in most bars back in the States.

BK in Granada

Burger King in Granada: Is It Popular?

Actually, yes and not just with the tourists.

In fact, in Granada, many locals (almost exclusively under 30) have told us it’s considered a decent restaurant. When we tell them it’s considered crappy convenience food in the US, they often look at us a little bit funny as they don’t quite believe us.

Older folks (over 30’s) tend to avoid the place, though. Apparently, wisdom DOES come with age.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like a greasy fast food burger every once in a while but, given a choice, I’ll tend to avoid BK.


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  1. Hi Tim,

    The McDonalds in Sevilla serves beer too. Or at least that’s how it was a few years ago.

  2. Geezers…
    Was surprized to hear your A+ review of Burger King….
    The Pic’s sure are telling. As a Biz man it makes my heart sing when a business goes above and beyond…

    So is the customer service great as well?
    Jer : )