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Playa Vila Olímpica in Barcelona

Playa Vila Olímpica in Barcelona

When you’re in Barcelona, don’t miss out on the Playa Vila Olímpica.

You might not know it from looking at this beautiful stretch of sand but, before the 1992 Olympic games were held in Barcelona, there wasn’t really a beach where Playa Villa Olímpica is located today. Instead, it was an industrial waterfront.

In preparation for the games, a 3.2km stretch of this  industrial wasteland was demolished to make way for the Olympic village and events centers (including Playa Villa Olímpica).

After the Olympics, the beach and surrounding areas remained popular with tourists. In fact, Barcelona has actually added an additional 1.5km of beach as a result of the areas popularity.

Playa Vila Olipica

Playa Vila Olímpica in Barcelona: Getting There

It’s easy to get to by cab or by Metro. If you’re traveling by cab, just tell the driver that you want to go to Playa Vila Olímpica or Casino Barcelona and you’ll end up in the right place.

If you don’t want to spring for a cab, you can hop the metro for just 1€ (with a T-10 pass), or 2.15€ for a single ride ticket, from just about anywhere in the Old Town of Barcelona to get there.

Just make your way to the Yellow line and get off at the Ciutadella Vila Olímpica stop. From there, it’s a short (not even 1/2km) walk to the south.

Playa Vila Olímpica Metro Map
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Playa Vila Olímpica in Barcelona: Once There

Since it’s right in Barcelona, Playa Villa Olímpica has a lot more to offer than just sun, sand and surf (which are, of course, plentiful and spectacular).

There are a whole slew of restaurants right on the beach as well as the Casino Barcelona (though, you might want to enjoy the casino before you go to the beach to avoid any dress code issues).

Vila Olipica Barcelona

Playa Villa Olímpica in Barcelona: 90 Second Video

Here’s a 90(ish) second video of the playa for your enjoyment. It was our first (above water) try with our new GoPro 4 Silver.

It turns out that the video from the GoPro is a bit shaky (tiny camera, big fingers) but, the video still gives you a good idea what the beach and water are like.

There you go. Now, you have a new “must-see” thing if you’re visiting Barcelona.



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