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The Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico - Drone tour of Playa Azul in Luquillo

Puerto Rico – The Enchanted Island

With all of the negative press about Puerto Rico lately, it’s easy to forget that this is called “Isla Del Encanto” (translated as The Enchanted Island) and for good reason as it’s absolutely beautiful!

Despite the out of control hype about the $73 Billion debt crisis and the Zika scare, this is an absolutely gorgeous place to be. So, we thought we’d do something a bit different today just to remind you that Puerto Rico (and Luquillo in particular) is a beautiful place to live..

The Enchanted Island: Virtual Beach Tour

Last week, Joanna’s oldest son visited us from the mainland and he brought his DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with him.

During the week he was here, he captured a lot of video as he flew over the playa (beach); so, I compiled it into a 2 minute and 39 second “virtual beach break” for you to enjoy. The recording was made on May 12th (one of many nice days we have here). To help you relax as you watch it, I included some nice beach sounds for the soundtrack.

So, grab something cold to drink, turn up your sound, kick off your shoes, and take a couple of minutes to de-stress while you enjoy our video (viewing it in full-screen would be best).

If you know other people who could use a “virtual beach break” on the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico, feel free to forward this video to them and/or share it on your Facebook page. After all, what’s the use of such beautiful places if there’s no one to share them with?

Better yet, hop on over to your favorite travel site and book your vacation before everyone figures out how wonderful it is here. Puerto Rico is, after all, Americas best kept secret.

Now do you see why we love this island, despite the few annoyances here and there? I always thought Joanna was the beach bum in our family but since moving here, I’ve become a convert too.



About Tim

is a professional geek. He is a founding partner of JTR Tech and enjoys all things technology. He and his wife Joanna started AbroadDreams.com to help them plan and solidify their dream of moving abroad. After two years in Puerto Rico and Europe, Tim and Joanna are now back in the USA and exploring the American Southwest.

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  1. Hi Joanna, I am actually hoping to pick your mind just a bit. I am a mom of 3, (range 2-10). My kiddos do not speak a lick of Spanish. I do. ‘I’ve somehow failed my honor roll students and missed the mark by not deliberately speaking Spanish to them. This is particularly horrible as I am a special ed bilingual teacher!’ At any rate, I am strongly considering moving to the island. Here’s my biggest concern, schooling for my 3? If I plan on making a living, I’ll make a living teaching by teaching in SJ, however the better English schools are outside of SJ. If youo are able to provide any feedback with regards to schooling, please do so. Thank you & thank you for your collective, informative blog. Safe travels!

  2. Hi! I happened across your blog after another round of dreaming and watching caribbean life on HGTV doesn’t help. I am hoping to put begin researching and really putting together a plan to make this dream a reality. I’m a single mother of 1(I also help w/my disabled parents and I have a younger but now adult brother as well). I’m not sure how everything will work out in the end., but I’m positive that I was born to be a mermaid near the water(and now my daughter is also proving to be quite the water lover) and I don’t want to be landlocked forever. Here’s to planning!!

  3. I’m so jealous of you two! I had the pleasure of staying in Luquillo this past February and I just fell in love! I will be doing my 3rd trip back to PR this upcoming February (my birthday gift) to myself and will be staying in Luquillo again. Fell in love that I started looking at jobs there before I left to come home last year. I just love reading your blog and thank you for all the insights you have given to living on the island. Will make my transition easier when I make the plunge.

  4. William Hudson

    Hey, I finally was offered an observership in Medicine at San Pablo Fajardo needless to say I will be at my Mother in Laws Condo Playa Azul for a month June till July. I may see you around. If I get accepted it will mean a year internship at Fajardo and living at Playa Azul.
    Cheers Bill.

    • Hi Bill,
      That’s great news! Unfortunately we will be in Europe for three months, while you are here this summer. But perhaps, if you get the internship, we’ll catch up with you when we return.

      • William Hudson

        Yeah I saw a post about that, I lived in Lutton England for a year back in 2004, we saw London, Paris and Stockholm along with other parts England like Bath. Enjoy your trip. I’ll update here if I stay or get invited back for next June Internship.

  5. Hi Tim,

    We will be staying in Luquillo for our family vacation in June! We are so excited! Do you think a trip over to Culebra to visit Flamenco Beach for a 1/2 day is a must or is Luquillo Beach just fine? It seems like a big hassle to make plans to take a ferry or fly over to Culebra but if it is a must do, we can try to fit it in. Traveling with two children.

    • Hi Kay,
      Culebra is beautiful and so is that beach. It is the very typical Caribbean blue waters and white sand experience. Our beach is also beautiful but it looks more like the Hawaiian beaches, with golden sand. I guess I am not sure what you are asking. Will you be able to swim in both? – absolutely. My opinion is that if you’re looking for swimming experience with kids, then our Balneario La Monserrate beach is better, because of very calm waters but that’s just me. So, it depends on what you are looking for. Both places are amazing.
      I would not call Culebra a must but I guess some people would. I would call, the rainforest, old san juan, & bioluminesent bays must-sees, along with any of our beaches. But all is absolutely up to you.

      • William Hudson

        I agree with Joanna, I have been back and forth to PR and Luquillo for past 10 years and seen most of the island, by far Luquillo beach I feel is one of the nicest. There are some nice beaches between Naguabo and Punta Santiago along route 3 too.

    • Yes , veiques is a must it is unbelieveable