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Vientos de navidad

Vientos de Navidad – A beautiful time to be in Puerto Rico

While Puerto Rico (and the Carribean in general) has beautiful weather all year, I really like the weather in December.

It’s not just because I get to enjoy my friends and family complaining about the cold and snow in Ohio and Michigan, while I’m swimming in the 82° water of the tropical Atlantic and Carribean Sea (though I do really enjoy that when it happens – not so much this year so far, the weather in the mid-west has been unseasonably warm).

It’s also because the ocean brings us a wonder gift in the form of the Vientos de Navidad or Christmas Winds.

Every year from the beginning of December until to about mid-January, The Carribean experiences frequent, strong winds (25-30 knots) which may last for days at a time. These winds kick up the surf and bring refreshing (sometimes heavy) rainfall that last’s for 10 minutes then clears up. And, they also prevent big, destructive storms from forming.

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There is a downside to these winds since they can make the waters rough for boaters and swimmers/snorkelers. They also tend to bring a lot of cloud cover with them. However, if you know this going in, you can find lots of other activities to keep yourself occupied, such as windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, and other action water sports.

Vientos de Navidad Clearing

It’s also a great time to go hiking since the additional cloud cover can help keep you cool when out in the woods or on the beach. Be sure to bring the sunscreen, though, as the UV light from the sun can still burn you through the clouds.

So, if you’re planning on visiting the Caribbean around Christmas, keep in mind that you may not want to charter a boat trip or snorkeling trip too far in advance. It will be best to wait and see what the weather conditions are once you arrive. In the meantime, it’s a great time to try something else like windsurfing or boogieboarding – and why not?


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