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St. John Picture Tour

St. John Picture Tour – USVI

We heard so much about St. John from everyone before we went. Everyone loves it. Everyone says it’s green. Everyone says it’s beautiful. And everyone says it’s expensive.

We learned that all of the above things were true when we visited St. John, USVI – almost two weeks ago. Last time, I posted our pictures from St. Thomas, so today, let me show you St. John through our eyes.

Here is a St. John picture tour from our trip for your viewing pleasure:

St. John Picture Tour
Arriving by ferry
St. John Picture
The marina as you arrive on the ferry
St. John Picture tour
From the ferry dock, beautiful and, you can instantly tell, affluent.
St. John USVI
We noticed right away how clean everything is.
St. John
Lots of people take the ferry to St. John every day. There are over 2,000,000 visitors to USVI every year!

St. John USVI
Nice spot to have lunch – The Beach Bar. Can’t beat the view..
St. John USVI
Gorgeous and rich. You can tell, can’t you?
St. John USVI
Loved the bright colors of buildings in town.
St. John USVI
Hike to Honeymoon beach. Whoever told us that it was an easy walk along the beach, should be shot. It was hot, hot, hot, and rough, rough, rough.
St. John USVI
Occasional glimpses of the water from the rocky path to Honeymoon Beach.
St. John USVI
Awwww. The beach. Beautiful but pretty small.
St. John USVI Sugar Plantation
Old sugar plantation that is now a part of…guess what?… a golf course!
St. John USVI
Would you believe the USVI have deer? They do! We saw 3!
St. John USVI Sunset
Amazing view right before the sunset.
St. John Brewery
And last but not least! Time to cool off….

Hope you enjoyed living vicariously through our St. John picture tour. St. John is definitely worth a visit if you get a chance. Next up information on costs and some videos for you!


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