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Life is a beach in Luquillo Puerto Rico

Life Is A Beach In Luquillo Puerto Rico

As I write this I’m listening to the ocean waves lap against the beautiful beach outside. All I have to do is stop and listen to hear the surf and then, if I turn my head, I can see the blue of the Atlantic through the front window. There is an amazing cross-breeze though our apartment and it is so nice to be comfortable.

AHHHHH – life is a beach!

We moved back to the beach last weekend and today the cable guy came out to hook up our internet – 35Mb, not too shabby! We are back online and working and what a pleasure it is to be able to be productive on high-speed internet again.

I have talked about what it’s like to live in the mountains (or the country) of Luquillo, see post 7 Things I Learned Living In The Mountains Of Luquillo, but now I want to tell you what it’s like to live on the beach.

I want to give you a really honest view of life here and I understand that it is not for everybody. So, first, I will talk about the pros of living on the beach and then I will tell you about some of the cons.

Life Is A Beach In Luquillo: Pros

  • It is unbelievably beautiful. I mean, yes, there are probably even prettier beaches, but good lawd, you would have to be really fussy not to like ours. Seriously. Luquillo has some of the most beautiful, longest stretches of sand, you will ever see – 12 miles, in fact. Luquillo is a small Puerto Rican town and it is pretty poor, you will see abandoned buildings and vacant lots but I think, it all adds up to a very unique charm. I love the real Puerto Rico!
  • It has reliable utilities. Thank goodness! The Pueblo is located on the beach, as is Costa Azul (where we live) and they tend to have the best and most reliable utilities. The whole five months we lived here before, we did not have a single water or electricity outage – the same cannot be said for the country areas of Luquillo.
  • We have fast internet! OK, maybe most of you won’t care about this as much as me but it is wonderful to be back online again with easy downloads and uploads and no outages every few minutes! I love it! it really helps to be productive when the infrastructure is solid and reliable.
  • There is life here. The beach (and the pueblo) is where everything happens in Luquillo. This truly is a lovely area, where everybody knows you. Even though many of our friends are gone for the summer, I am struck with how many people are here and how friendly everyone is. I’d forgotten that. We simply go sit on the patio and talk to people walking by – like in any small town. Two of our neighbors are currently gone but a third (an elderly woman who only comes to the beach occasionally and stays in her upstairs condo) is here and it is lovely to talk to her. Yesterday, she was going for her evening walk and there were some kids playing loud music outside, she started bopping to the music and shaking her booty– OMG! I LOVE PUERTO RICO!
  • There is a constant breeze. It feels so much cooler here than up in the mountains. Thanks to the constant ocean breeze. We open up all of our doors and windows and let it flow through the condo – no need for air conditioning here!
  • There are far, far fewer bugs. This is likely due to the breeze because mosquitos just cannot fly against it. We also don’t have, or perhaps I should say, we don’t see giant beetles, roaches, and centipedes on the beach – but they love the rainforest. It is nice to be able to sit outside without the worry of being bit up by critters.

Life Is A Beach In Luquillo: Cons

  • There is a lot more noise. It is the human-type of noise on the beach, like people yelling, loud music, ice cream trucks going by, cars, workmen outside and so on. In particular, on the weekends (and especially on holiday weekends), it gets a little crazy outside. This was one of the main reasons we chose to move to the mountains for the summer – too much noise when the school kids are on summer vacation. On the other hand, the mountains had a different type of noise – Coquí frogs singing, bugs singing, and other jungle sounds, in addition to barking dogs. For working, though, I preferred the ambient  noise of the country.
  • Lack of privacy. You know that social, lively atmosphere I told you about? Well, there is a price – lack of privacy. People just stop by any time of the day to say hi. We have everything open for the breeze, so it’s not exactly like we could walk around in our underwear. We also get some interruptions while trying to work but, to me, it’s a good trade off.
  • Less wildlife on the beach. Sure, there are birds and some lizards but nothing like in the mountains. We have tons of feral cats but I will miss feeding the lizards and watching the birds build nests in the palm tree out front. I will also miss picking up mangos from the side of the road on the way home. For that, I will now have to make a special trip.
  • Trash. If you have a low tolerance for trash, beach living may not be for you. For some reason, locals leave a ton of trash behind on the beaches. We, and other gringos, walk around daily and pick it up, as much as we can. It is a constant struggle here and continues to be a frustrating job. Along with other concerned citizens, we are trying to figure out how to keep the beaches clean in a sustainable way.

So, there you have it. You can probably tell that I prefer life on the beach but, hey, everyone is different. I love the life and the vibe of living here and did I mention we have high-speed internet?

Life Is A Beach in Luquillo Puerto Rico!



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  1. I find that I am far less productive when the internet is speedy 😉

    Glad to hear that you guys are happy with your move!

    • Ha ha ha. Yeah, I can see that. There is definitely more distraction on high-speed but just the lack of having to redo everything 5 times because of internet crashes is saving us a ton of time. We did a major upgrade to our tech site in the midst of all that and we literally had to do it over cellular – talk about time and money consuming – because WiFi was dead. I’m so glad that’s behind us!