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Bocas del Toro Video: Beaches of Isla Colon Panama

Beaches of Isla Colon Panama:

OK, I admit it – I’m a beach bum.

I love, love, love beaches.

My favorite are the Caribbean Sea beaches. To me, the turquoise waters and the smell of the Sea are simply irresistible. Of course it doesn’t help that we are having record breaking cold temperatures here in the Midwest. It’s causing my mind to wonder to the amazing beaches of Isla Colon we visited just a couple short months ago.

Oh, how I wish I were there now!

In that spirit, I created this video about the two beaches we got to experience, while on Isla Colon.

I hope it gives you a little taste of the paradise we found there. And I hope you get a chance to visit the beaches of Isla Colon Panama too – I would highly recommend them!

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