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Panama Canal – Miraflores Locks Visitor Center

Panama Canal locksWant to visit the Panama Canal?

Let’s face it, when visiting Panama, Panama Canal is a must-see destination. When we were there, we thought: this may be our one and only opportunity to see the famous canal. So, we went to check it out. And let me tell you, it was totally worth it.

The cost for the visitor center at Miraflores Locks was $5/pp for partial ticket or $10/pp for a ticket that included a 3D movie. They also had private tours available for $125/pp – expensive, but I kind of wish we would have done it. We could see the folks walking around and actually crossing the locks – way cool.

We opted for the regular/partial ticket and spent a little over an hour at the visitor center. We got to see one of the ships go through. It was the second biggest German container ship to go through the locks, and it was carrying goods from Chile to Germany.

The visitor center had an overhead PA system and the announcer explained everything in detail in Spanish and then English. We went on a Sunday and it was pretty crowded. There was a long line to get tickets and it was difficult to get to the railing to view the locks. But, we eventually got a great spot to look at the ship, see video below:

We really enjoyed the experience of visiting this nearly 100-year-old engineering marvel that is still in use today. Panama Canal was a definite highlight of our trip. Even if we never go back to Panama, we can say we saw it.

We would highly recommend it.

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