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Don’t change your Longitude

Don't change your LongitudeWhen you’re planning on Retiring overseas, you’re sure to run into some unexpected problems. Everyone thinks about money or emergency travel but, what about routine travel and communications?

In this post, we’re going to talk about that and show you why moving to Latin America can actually help with the transition to retirement abroad for Americans and Canadians.

Don’t Change your Longitude: Calling Home

An important but easy to overlook benefit of Americans or Canadians retiring to Latin America as opposed to Europe or Asia is latitude.

It sounds unimportant but after spending a year in Korea (with a 14 hour time change) when I was in the Army, I can tell you first-hand that being in the same (or nearly the same) timezone as your family or business contacts is a huge advantage. It makes it much easier to call friends or family when you don’t have to be up at 3:30 AM to catch them just getting off work at 5:30PM (which I had to do a few times).

The same goes for business. If you’re keeping business contacts in the US, you want to be able to schedule meetings and talk to vendors/suppliers.

Granted, a 14 hour time change is a bit dramatic but even a 7-hour time change (like the one between eastern Europe and the US East Cost) can complicate things quite a bit.

Don’t Change your Longitude: Jet lag

Another benefit of staying in a similar longitude is if you’re visiting family back at home. You probably only have a limited time to do so and you don’t want to spend the first 2 days recovering from jet lag. If you travel from Panama to New York (for example), you are in the same time zone and, thus, no jet lag.

When I flew to Germany for work (11 hours in flight) my jet lag was so bad, I was nearly unable to function for the next couple of days. As a result, I had a really hard time getting anything done and lost some serious productivity time.

Time Zones of Latin American Countries

You can find a handy map of Latin American time zones on www.1.blueplanet.com. If you’ve already got a place in mind, go ahead and look it up.

Hopefully, you find this little tip helpful. I know we nearly overlooked it but now you won’t.



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