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Costa Rican coffee

Costa Rican Coffee Anyone?

Waking up in the morning and searching for my first cup of coffee has been become more than a ritual or a habit, it is a necessity.

No. Really. – not kidding.

So, this is a very important topic for me.  I LOVE COFFEE!  And I will be the first to admit that I am a Starbucks girl.  But all of the Costa Rican coffee I tried would easily put Starbucks to shame.

Costa Rica is known for its coffee.  In fact, it produces some of the finest coffees in the world.  Costa Rica was also the first Central American country to establish coffee as an industry.  Coffee arrived in Costa Rica in the eighteenth century and it was first exported to Panama in 1820.

I don’t claim to be a coffee expert I just know what I like.  So, I guess I’m more of an aficionado.  I tend to favor the smoother, less bitter coffees.  And I usually like the low-acidity light roasts.

I read quite a bit about the awesome coffees of Costa Rica and so my expectations were pretty high.  I was not disappointed.  I did not have a single cup of Java in Costa Rica that I did not love. Seriously.

Even the coffee with the complimentary breakfast in our hotel was excellent.  So of course, we came back loaded with several pounds of coffee.

Here are the brands of Costa Rican coffee we tried

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Café Britt Dark Roast
“Britts Costa Rican Dark Roast is the reason the why the world loves Costa Rican coffee its taste is as enticing as its aroma. Our experts select the coffee beans for this classic blend from different parts of the Central Valley, where a combination of climate and soil produce the worlds best coffees.  The Central Valleys high altitude causes the beans to mature more slowly. This makes them harder and less porous.”

I usually prefer light roast but by chance we tried the dark and were thoroughly impressed.  Even with the stronger flavor it is amazingly smooth and not bitter.

Where to buy: Amazon.com

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Café Milagro
“Based in Costa Rica, we are your direct source for premium, single origin, estate grown, micro milled coffees.  Although Cafe Milagro’s primary mission is to roast Costa Rica’s finest coffees, we are equally committed to contributing positively to our environment and community.  As a member of 1% for the Planet and Titi Conservation Alliance, you can be assured that your purchase of Cafe Milagro not only tastes good, but does good!”

This was one of our favorites.  We visited the Café Milagro restaurant where we got to try both dark and light roast.  Both were excellent!

Where to buy: http://www.cafemilagro.com/

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Cafe 1820 Costa Rica Coffee
“Café 1820 is a staple of Costa Rican households and eating establishments. This coffee made its debut in 1820 as a result of the effort of dedicated citizens determined to play their part in their country’s dream to provide premium coffee to the world. 100% Arabica, Café 1820 is a true coffee drinker’s delight. Cafe 1820 is a premium coffee from Costa Rica!”

Everyone drinks this in Costa Rica.  It is a very popular bland and quite affordable.  We enjoyed this coffee very much.

Where to buy: Amazon.com
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Cafe Rey Tradicional Costa Rica Coffee
“One of the best Coffees of the world which we at Cafe Rey process with wisdom and tradition to come up with one of the tastiest Coffee you can find in the worldwide marker. Our coffee is elaborated to satisfy your deserving taste of the best Coffee. So, we invite you to come into our paradise and enjoy unforgettable moments, Cafe Rey Aroma, Color and Flavor of Costa Rica…!”

This is one we’ve not tried yet but have heard lots of good things about.  It’s common in the local restaurants and coffee stations.

Where to buy: Amazon.com

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..and I saved the best for last! You could classify this as a dessert but I choose to classify it as coffee. It is to die for!!!!!

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””] Cafe Britt Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
“Latte Coffee with a twist! Cafe Britt 100% gourmet Costa Rican espresso coffee beans are carefully roasted and delicately dipped in cocoa butter white chocolate. Our coffee’s enticing aroma and crunchy texture complement the soft white chocolate flavor for a soothing sensation that lingers in your palate.”

You can get these in White Chocolate , Dark Chocolate , and Milk Chocolate
varieties and they are amazingly delicious!

Where to buy: Amazon.com

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If you really want to enjoy delicious Costa Rican coffees, buy them whole bean and grind them fresh right before you brew.  Better yet, make your cup in a French press!


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