What’s With The Lines in Puerto Rico?

Wait line in Puerto Rico

Lines, lines, lines, everywhere there’s lines!

I found myself standing in yet another mile-long line at the bank last Friday, thinking: what’s with all the damn lines in Puerto Rico?

I mean, really! There are lines everywhere! – No matter where I go, there is nearly always a line.

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Shopping in Plaza Las Americas Mall

Plaza Las Americas Mall – A Shopping Day Trip:

Plaza Las Americas Mall

The world’s largest JC Penny and Sears Local arts and crafts A movie theater A Microsoft Store And Starbucks? - OH MY!

Last week we ventured over to San Juan to check out this mall we’ve been hearing so much about –  the Plaza Las Americas Mall. Everyone said that it is an awesome mall and that it’s the biggest in the Caribbean – that alone made us want to see it – but when we learned that it had a Microsoft store, well that was it, we had to go. And so we picked a weekday and ventured out there. Continue reading


Easter In Puerto Rico

Our First Easter In Puerto Rico:

Easter in Puerto RicoDespite the fact that it seems that Puerto Ricans celebrate every holiday on the planet, many say that Easter is the biggest holiday in Puerto Rico, and they may be right. Not only is the Island’s population largely Christian, the Easter weekend signifies the kickoff of the “beach season” for the locals. What this means is that the Easter weekend is essentially a double-celebration (holiday and season kick-off).

You may be wondering what the heck beach season is on a tropical island… well, the local population largely thinks that the winter months are too cold for the beach (what!? 80 degree average is too cold? I know – right?) and then tend to stay away from the beach. I’ve had some locals tell me “it’s just too cold to swim” – that is really funny to me because the water temps are a constant 82 degrees here but I won’t argue. To make a long story short, Puerto Ricans love their beaches in the summer and starting on Easter weekend, they come out to play on the beach nearly every weekend. Continue reading


Our New Luquillo Website

Luquillo Puerto Rico New Website

Hi Everybody,

We have just launched our new Luquillo, PR website at www.LuquilloPR.com.

Check it out and like us on Facebook! The site is just getting started and will continue to grow as we add more and more information about the beautiful and lively town of Luquillo!

In addition to information about Luquillo, the site will include anything you may want to know about traveling to this part of Puerto Rico – including information about hotels, businesses, events, and great deals on travel!!

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions.



It’s Official – We Are Moving To The Mountains

El Yunque National Forest MountainsPuerto Rico’s Mountains It Is!

If you’ve been following our story, you know that we’ve been wrestling with the decision on whether to stay on the beach or move to the mountains, see post To Move Or Not To Move – Beach or Mountains. This week we finally finalized our plans and are officially moving to the mountains. But wait, there’s more…

We are not moving to the original 40 acre farm that we were considering. Instead, we are moving just across town (and up a mountain) right here in Luquillo, PR – literally 5-10 minutes from our current beach location.

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To Move Or Not To Move – Beach or Mountains?

beachBeach or Mountains?

I write this post as I listen to the waves crashing against the shore through the open windows of our rental condo in beautiful Luquillo, Puerto Rico. If I want to see the waves, all I need to do is step out onto our patio. Ahh…. life is good!

We are quite happy to finally be settled in Puerto Rico. We are on the beach, love our town, and our location – however, recently we became confused.

Why? – you may ask.

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