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Top 21 Reasons To Move To Tucson Arizona

move to Tucson

Before we decided to move back to the USA, we did a lot of research. We considered different states, taxes, beauty of the area, and many, many other things. Ultimately we decided to move to Tucson, Arizona. Here are our top reasons why: Why Move To Tucson Arizona? 1. Cheap …

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Puerto Rican Food And IBS – What To Expect

Puerto Rican Food

I’m sure you’ve already heard me say that we’re fortunate because Luquillo has so many incredible restaurant choices.  We are a small town, but we are not small on flavor – that’s for sure. The reason is mainly because of the Luquillo Food Kiosks (Kioskos de Luquillo). If you’re wondering …

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How VPN Service Saved Us Time And Money


Virtual Private Network (VPN) – sounds techy, doesn’t it? And it is. I could tell you all about how they work and why it’s smart to have one (if you need that info, see my earlier post on VPNs and Proxies). But, today, I’m going to take off my geek …

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Four Days Without Power In Puerto Rico

without power in Puerto Rico

Our Experience with Puerto Rico’s Electrical Blackout It is never good when on the 3rd morning of no power, you are awakened to the sounds of nearby explosions. POP! POP! and POP! And yet, that is exactly what happened to us. Last Week, during some of the hottest days in Puerto Rico this …

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How To Plan A Trip To Puerto Rico

Plan a trip to Puerto Rico

Since we have been living in Puerto Rico, we have had LOTs of visitors – friends, family, and acquaintances. But we’ve also been contacted by complete strangers asking about visiting Puerto Rico. Everyone has lots of questions and everyone wants all their individual topics covered. Many questions are about planning …

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