Puerto Rico vs Panama Comparison Matrix and Some Extras

Puerto Rico vs Panama:

Flag_of_Panama.svgFlag of Puerto Rico vs PanamaWe’ve been researching moving to Puerto Rico for a few months now. We learned a ton. Some things we already suspected and some things were a complete shock. But the most unexpected thing we learned was that there is a whole category of benefits to moving to Puerto Rico that we had not foreseen.

You may remember our comparison of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama as early retirement abroad destinations, see post Overall Country Comparison for Cost of Living. Using the same matrix, we now want to add Puerto Rico to the mix. Continue reading


Figure out your personal budget now

Costa Rica and Mikes wedding 424If you’ve been thinking about retiring or just moving overseas, you’ve almost certainly thought about your household budget. However, aside from a single line item on your household budget called something like “spending money or “cash” I’ll bet you haven’t given much consideration to your personal budget, aka personal spending.

In case you don’t know what I mean by personal budget, I mean all of those things you buy out of your “spending money” as part of your routine for the day, week, or month. Continue reading


Creating a Virtual Office Abroad – Working from the Beach

virtual officeSet up a Virtual Office: Want to work from a beach abroad?

OK, I admit it, Tim and I are both nerds – which is a nice way of saying we are both computer geeks. And it’s no secret that we plan on working online after our early “retirement” abroad.

We have been preparing for a while and are well on the way to creating a virtual life, see our post on Create a Virtual Life Abroad. As a result of that effort, we now have a great VPN service, a virtual postal mailbox, and a virtual phone number. Heck, we even had business cards printed with all that information for our online company. It’s all going quite well and we find that technology truly is an improvement to life. Continue reading


The Government of Puerto Rico

government of Puerto RicoWhat’s government of Puerto Rico like?

As I’m sure you already know Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory.

But you may be wondering: what exactly does that mean?

Simply put, this means that Puerto Rico is an organized division of U.S.A. that has not yet been admitted to the full rights of a state. This also means that, although Puerto Rico falls under the U.S jurisdiction, it is self-governed and is considered an unincorporated commonwealth. Continue reading


Why Move Abroad Instead of Florida?

Why Move AbroadWhy Move Abroad Instead of Florida? – that is the question.

I find myself on a beautiful beach, in the hot sun, sitting under an umbrella and enjoying an adult beverage, all while reading a novel.

When I get too hot, I take a quick dip in the ocean, then return to my beach chair to read some more.

Then the evening comes I enjoy the beautiful sunset with my dear husband.


Life doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Continue reading


Spanglish: The Language of Puerto Rico

SpanglishWhat the heck is “Spanglish”?

Tim and I were walking down the sidewalk looking for a quick, inexpensive place to eat. We really wanted breakfast that wasn’t going to cost $30.00 (again). We heard that a local shopping plaza had just the place – local, cheap, and tasty.

All of a sudden, I stopped and stared above the businesses. Tim also looked up puzzled, trying to figure out what in the world I was looking at. It was a large bulletin sign that said:

"Estas Open Para Probar Cosas Nuevas? - AT&T"

Wondering where we were? The place was Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. Continue reading