Economic Crisis And Life In Puerto Rico

The Reality Of The Economic Crisis And Life In Puerto Rico From A New Resident Prospective

What It’s Really Like – Economic Crisis And Life In Puerto Rico:

– Warning, this is a rant post –

We have lots of well-meaning friends and family sending us online articles about Puerto Rico, asking, “Did you know this?”

The economic crisis has been in the forefront of all the news media for the past six months. Headlines like these are common:

  • Puerto Rico Economy In The Dump
  • Puerto Rico, The Next Greece
  • Despair and Anger as Puerto Ricans Cope With Debt Crisis

Consequently, we often (and I mean a lot!) get asked: “what are you going to do now?” Continue reading

Toll Roads in Puerto Rico

Toll Roads In Puerto Rico

Toll Roads – Driving In Puerto Rico:

You may not be aware that Puerto Rico has several toll roads (autopistas). They are all expressways and make it much easier to drive around the island, both quickly and efficiently. In general these toll expressways are much less congested and better maintained than the regular road network here on the island and thus allow for faster and less stressful travel. Continue reading


Trip To Rincon Puerto Rico

Our Anniversary Trip To Rincon Puerto Rico:

Anniversary Trip to Rincon Puerto Rico

As you may have already heard me say, in my last post on doing a trip around the island, last month we went to Rincón for our anniversary.

It was a spur of the moment thing, and we only stayed two nights, but I wanted to share with you some of my impressions and observations about Rincón, as well as some of the pictures we took. Continue reading


Trip Around The Island – The Amazing Puerto Rico

Road Trip Around The Island Puerto RicoOur Trip Around The Island Of The Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico:

As I sit here remembering our recent (two weeks ago) trip around the island, I feel so very grateful and unbelievably lucky to live here. No matter what the learning curve is and no matter what the adjustments we have had to make, now more than ever, I truly feel that Puerto Rico is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, not to mention lived in. Continue reading


7 Things I Learned Living In The Rainforest Mountains Of Puerto Rico

Living in the rainforest

7 Things I Learned About Living In The Rainforest:

I love nature! Don’t you?

I grew up spending a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm in Poland. I don’t mean just visiting, I mean I spent the first five years of my life on the farm and then every Christmas and summer vacation until I was 14 years old. So, I’ve always prided myself as a “get your hands dirty” kind of girl. As an adult, every year, I looked forward to the summers, so I could go camping. I love camping and I do mean camping: tents, rustic campsites, the whole bit. So, I was very intrigued by the opportunity to live at the skirt of the rainforest here in the Luquillo Mountains (La Falda Del Yunque – as the natives call it). But what I learned after living here, surprised even me..

Continue reading


Cost Of Living In Puerto Rico – 6 Month Review

 Cost Of Living In Puerto Rico – 6 months in:

Cost of Living MexicoWe’re coming up on six months on this beautiful island and so I thought I’d do a cost of living review because that is a very common question we get asked. Please keep in mind that we have had some extenuating circumstances, like getting a rent-free place about 5 months into our stay here.

So, the below are averages do not include those savings. We hope to save some money by staying here until October and then move on and we expect our rent costs to change, as well as utility costs.

Nonetheless, this is a review of the months we were paying regular rent. Continue reading