Money Grows on Trees in America?

Money Grow on TreesDoes Money Grow On Trees in America? NO!

- Warning: beginning of rant -

I’m sitting here seething, totally pissed off this morning. I’ve been reading some threads on reddit and came across one by a pompous, self-righteous, misinformed Brit that has big opinions and really knows nothing of the reality but feels entitled to judge Americans (specifically U.S. citizens) that want to move abroad.

Here is the gist of the post: “I’m tired of the ‘oh so poor’ Americans wanting to leave U.S., whining about the state of the affairs, then moving elsewhere but still demanding their cheetos.” Continue reading


Taxes in Puerto Rico – The New Tax Haven?

Taxes in Puerto RicoTaxes in Puerto Rico – Is it the new Tax Haven?

Since we’re considering moving to Puerto Rico, I’ve had lots of questions about taxes. The island is a U.S. territory, after all, and I have been wondering if there are tax advantages to moving there.

The short answer is – YES!

I have spent the last couple of weeks researching individual and business taxes in Puerto Rico and was very glad to learn that it has some great tax breaks, even for the average person.

Yes, it is true that Puerto Rico’s tax system is based on the U.S. tax code, but it is different enough to be noted as an advantage to moving there. I’m not an expert on taxes but I can certainly appreciate the savings I can achieve by relocating to the island. Continue reading


Driving in Puerto Rico

Driving in Puerto RicoWhat you need to know about driving in Puerto Rico:

I heard plenty of stories about the crazy drivers in Puerto Rico before we went; in fact, anywhere you go in Latin America there are plenty of those types of stories. So, as always, we were taking it all in stride and with a grain of salt.

Fully aware that we may be in a bit of difficulty, we braved it anyway and rented a car for part of our trip because we really wanted to explore the island. So, now having been there and having seen it for ourselves, let me tell you about our experience of driving in Puerto Rico. Continue reading


Real Estate Prices in Puerto Rico

Real Estate Prices in Puerto RicoReal Estate Prices in Puerto Rico overview:

As always, I’m very concerned with the cost of living of any place we consider for moving abroad. Through my preliminary research, see Puerto Rico’s Cost of Living, I was pleasantly surprised to see that real estate in Puerto Rico seemed to be much cheaper than in the states. So, while we were there, I took the opportunity to see for myself and dig a little deeper.

It seems that my original findings were correct – real estate prices, especially rents are much cheaper.  In fact, housing in general, including home prices, seem to be far less expensive than here in Michigan. Continue reading


Cell Service in Puerto Rico 

Cell Service in Puerto Rico Cell Service in Puerto Rico, coverage and carriers:

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, cell service is always one of the first things I ask about. I mean international travel is challenging enough as it is, so staying in touch with friends and family or simply being able to call home in case of emergency, are very important to me.

In this post, I will tell you about my experience with cell service in Puerto Rico. I will share my findings on carriers and coverage. Continue reading


Infrastructure in Puerto Rico

Infrastructure in Puerto Rico

Beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico.

During our travels to find the perfect spot for retirement, I’ve paid special attention to the infrastructure. When I say infrastructure, I mean things like power, water, transportation, roads, etc.

Our trip to Puerto Rico was no different, I paid close attention the quality of all of the above. This is because I want to make sure we are comfortable if we settle there. Don’t get me wrong, I like to camp and rough it occasionally but, frankly, I don’t want to do it as a way of life. Continue reading