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The Truth About Puerto Rico Taxes

Puerto Rico taxes

Have you heard these statements about Puerto Rico taxes and benefits? You don’t have to pay federal taxes when living in Puerto Rico. Act 20/22 gives businesses excellent tax breaks if moving to (or starting in) Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the next tax haven for Americans. So, have we! …

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Health Insurance Costs In Puerto Rico

health insurance costs in puerto rico

It seems that my last post about comparing cost-of-living in Puerto Rico to USA and Spain, sparked quite a bit of discussion. Even argument. WOW! As a result, I’ve been bombarded with questions on details. Many of you wanted to know more about health insurance costs, options, and overall taxes, …

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Cost Of Living In Puerto Rico Vs. USA

living in puerto rico

The cost of living in Puerto Rico is higher than in parts of USA. What? No Way! No How! I heard this statement recently and I bristled. I know that for us, it has been a lot cheaper to live here in PR that it was in Michigan. So, how …

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First Look At Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona

I have regularly visited Arizona for the past 10 years. My son came out here for a summer and stayed – since then I’ve been visiting at least once a year. Well, technically, it’s been two years now, since I visited or we relocated to Puerto Rico. But in prior …

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3 Swap Meets and 3 Farmers Markets In 10 Days

Arizona Farmers Markets

Farm tomatoes, squash, sprouts, eggplant, salsa and honey – Oh My! Tea leaves, tamales, peppermint oil, natural remedies, breads and scones – Yum! Local olives, turquoise gems, leather, and even silver – Holy swap meets! We find ourselves in beautiful Arizona exploring the local farmers markets and swap meets. We’ve …

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Is Puerto Rico Health Care On Life Support?

Puerto Rico Health Care

No matter which news station you tune into, you will likely hear something scary about Puerto Rico. The fiscal and debt situation on the island have been front and center, followed closely by the Zika crisis reports. However, problems with Puerto Rico health care are not far behind. Some might even …

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Travel from Barcelona to Granada by Train

Barcelona to Granada by Train

So, we’ve been in Granada for a while now and we thought it would be useful to you if we backed up a bit and talked about our trip from Barcelona to Granada by train. Normally, something like this is pretty straight-forward and we wouldn’t dedicate a whole post to …

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Arab Hammam – What The Heck Is It?

Arab Hammam Granada Spain

It’s 100 degrees outside, but you’re in a Hammam now. So, strip down to your bathing suit, get into a steam pool, then the sauna, and then lay on the hot stones while you wait. Say what? What is this place? Shortly after arriving at the Spanish school, we heard …

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