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Why Study Spanish In Spain Instead Of…?

Study Spanish In Spain

Want to study Spanish? Well, so do we. And, since we decided to go to a Spanish immersion school in Spain, you wouldn’t believe how many questions we received about it! (Here’s a hint: LOTS!) These questions came from both friends and readers of our blogs and were quite varied …

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Our European Vacation Checklist

European Vacation

Doesn’t everyone dream of a European vacation? I’m sure by now you’ve seen me write about going to Europe this summer. We are planning a grand Europe trip. I guess, technically, it’s a “vacation” but I put it in quotes because it’s going to be much more than that. We will …

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Truths No One Tells You About Living Abroad – Series

living abroad

We embarked on this adventure of moving abroad in 2013 and, since then, we traveled all around Central America, sold all of our stuff, and ended up moving to Puerto Rico. We are now heading to Europe in a few weeks and plan on spending part of the year in South America …

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The Ugly Truth Behind The Trash On The Beaches Of Puerto Rico

Trash on the beaches

Today is International Coastal Cleanup Day. Here in Puerto Rico, volunteers, Army ROTC, and students around the island are participating in an island-wide cleanup effort. It is nice to see all the people on the beaches picking up garbage – something we do every time we walk outside. And the …

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Life Is A Beach In Luquillo Puerto Rico

Life is a beach in Luquillo Puerto Rico

As I write this I’m listening to the ocean waves lap against the beautiful beach outside. All I have to do is stop and listen to hear the surf and then, if I turn my head, I can see the blue of the Atlantic through the front window. There is an …

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