Virtual Mailbox – Create a Virtual Life Abroad

virtual mailEmbrace Life Without Paper and Get a Virtual Mailbox:

No I don’t mean e-mail.
I mean virtual postal service.

Virtual Mailbox services help you manage your paper mail wherever you are. They provide you with a mailing address to which you can forward all your paper mail, better known as snail mail. You can receive and view all of your mail online, letters, documents, and packages, regardless if they are sent via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Often, these services will have a real person present to sign for packages, as well as offer package forwarding services to many countries around the world. Continue reading


We Are Officially Adding Puerto Rico to Our List

Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico is now on our places to live abroad list:

We have been kicking around the idea of adding Puerto Rico to our list of possible living abroad destinations for a while now. I mean it makes sense, doesn’t it?  It is a U.S. territory after all. But we’ve also heard from some folks that Puerto Rico is expensive. So, we did some preliminary research and it doesn’t look too bad, at least not from afar.

So, we decided to officially add Puerto Rico to the list of countries we’re considering. Continue reading


How to Apostille Your U.S. Documents for Moving Abroad

Apostille Your U.S. DocumentsApostille Your U.S. Documents:

If you have documents that you want to legally certify for use in another country, you will need to apostille them. I recently had to apostille a bunch of documents myself and since you’ll likely have to do the same before you move abroad, I thought I’d share with you a few things I learned.

First and foremost, I discovered that the apostille process varies from state to state, some states it can be done via mail and some states you have to go to the secretary of state; some states it’s cheap and some states it is expensive. If you were born in one state but married in another, you will have to get your documents apostilled in the state they were issued. This, I thought, was a major pain in the behind. Continue reading


Virtual Phone Number for Living Abroad

virtual phone numberWhat the heck is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a phone number that is assigned to you but is not actually tied to a defined phone or device. What we’re talking about here specifically is an assigned phone number that uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). The idea is to have a US (or Canada) based phone number to allow your friends and family (and business associates) to easily call you while you’re abroad and vice versa. With a virtual phone number, everyone calls you like they always have without incurring any international charges when you’re living abroad. Continue reading


Create a Virtual Life Abroad

Virtual Life Consider what you will need for a virtual life abroad:

As we’re planning our move abroad, we discovered we were spending a lot of time on how to do the physical move. Things like apartment prices, transportation and utility costs.

Now that (we think) we have those considerations figured out, we want to take some time to create a virtual life for ourselves at home.

Why?  – you ask.

Simple. There are going to be a lot of things that we just won’t be able to easily do from overseas without, at least, the appearance of still being in the USA. Continue reading


What’s up with the Expats in Panama?

expats in PanamaYou may have heard the term “ugly American” or even the slogan “Gringo Go Home” and you may be wondering “where in world does that come from?

It is true that, for some reason, Americans don’t have the best reputation abroad.

My opinion, both through personal experiences as an immigrant and through lots of travel, is that some of these derogatory attitudes toward Americans are well founded but some are just old stereotypes.

In Panama, there is this old stigma and tension that was started with Americans that lived Continue reading