Picture Tour From Our Trip To St. Thomas – USVI

You all probably already know that we took a trip to St. Thomas – USVI. We live in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are our neighbor, so we thought, why not visit a couple of these neighboring islands? We were not disappointed; they were amazingly beautiful and very different from Puerto Rico in vibe, culture and even scenery. Continue reading

Trash on the beaches

The Ugly Truth Behind The Trash On The Beaches Of Puerto Rico

Today is International Coastal Cleanup Day. Here in Puerto Rico, volunteers, Army ROTC, and students around the island are participating in an island-wide cleanup effort. It is nice to see all the people on the beaches picking up garbage – something we do every time we walk outside. And the good news is that it is not just focused on the coast – rivers, lakes and other water bodies are also included. Continue reading

Life is a beach in Luquillo Puerto Rico

Life Is A Beach In Luquillo Puerto Rico

As I write this I’m listening to the ocean waves lap against the beautiful beach outside. All I have to do is stop and listen to hear the surf and then, if I turn my head, I can see the blue of the Atlantic through the front window. There is an amazing cross-breeze though our apartment and it is so nice to be comfortable.

AHHHHH – life is a beach! Continue reading

is Puerto Rico for Everyboy

Is Puerto Rico For Everybody?

Me: What day is it?
Tim: I think it’s Wednesday
Me: OH. I thought it was Monday

This is a common conversation in our household. I am losing track of the days and can’t believe that we are in our eighth month of living in Puerto Rico – where in the world did the time go?

I don’t think it’s a secret that I fell in love with this enchanted island. I love it here. I spent half of my adult life dreaming of living in the Caribbean, where the sun shines and I can wear shorts every day. Continue reading