US Virgin Islands vs Puerto Rico

US Virgin Islands vs Puerto Rico – Side-By-Side

US Virgin Islands vs Puerto Rico – My Impressions:

I think you probably have enough pictures for a while, so today I thought I’d write about my impressions of US Virgin Islands vs Puerto Rico.

First, I have a confession to make: I did go to USVI with the thought, in the back of my mind, of checking it out as a potential place to move. But let me back up a bit.. Continue reading

Luquillo Puerto Rico

Luquillo Puerto Rico Picture Tour

Are you sick of my pictures yet?

Well, since I’ve been posting all those pictures of US Virgin Islands, I thought it was only fair that I show you a picture tour of our town. You know as they say: “there is no place like home.”

Continue reading

St. John Picture Tour

St. John Picture Tour – USVI

We heard so much about St. John from everyone before we went. Everyone loves it. Everyone says it’s green. Everyone says it’s beautiful. And everyone says it’s expensive.

We learned that all of the above things were true when we visited St. John, USVI – almost two weeks ago. Last time, I posted our pictures from St. Thomas, so today, let me show you St. John through our eyes. Continue reading


Picture Tour From Our Trip To St. Thomas – USVI

You all probably already know that we took a trip to St. Thomas – USVI. We live in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are our neighbor, so we thought, why not visit a couple of these neighboring islands? We were not disappointed; they were amazingly beautiful and very different from Puerto Rico in vibe, culture and even scenery. Continue reading